I wasn’t planning on writing a “sequel” but I did .. uhh OH! My headcannon humanstuck Gamzee is Hispanic mostly because that appeals to my own tastes haha..ha
Part 1 | 2 | ???
Pairings: Gamzee/Jane, Unrequited DirkJane (for now???)
Warnings: Sex, violence, drugs, lots o’ swears
(Also feel free to give me constructive criticism because I’m sure there are things I’ve missed)

                Your name is Gamzee Makara and despite what most people your age seem to think, you ARE NOT a teenage drug lord. You just happen to smoke a lot of weed, a wonderful fucking habit you picked up at the age of thirteen. Sure you might have sold some here or there but it’s not something you’ve been making a living off of. What the rest of the fuckers thought didn’t matter much, they never bothered you about it so life was pretty chill. The only one that ever truly grumbled about it was your best bro Karkat but even he mostly let you be. Before class you would sit in your normal spot behind the bleachers and take a few hits, or go until all the joints in your body relaxed and you could practically feel all the nerve endings pulsing in your limbs. Well maybe you didn’t go that far before EVERY class but you sure as fuck would like to. Classes seemed so much easier that way.  In class they would all laugh along with you, giving weary smiles and treating you like a friend. The teachers on the other hand never indulged you, they avoided involving you in class and didn’t bother talking to you about your grades. Which you supposed was fine even though you ended up failing and retaking sophomore english.

               But that winded up being a real grand treat because that was where you had met Jane Crocker, a quiet sophomore that sat at attention in the front row. She probably wouldn’t have stuck out much except for the fact that she had scoffed and given you a nasty look the first day of class. You had probably taken one more reload than necessary and you no doubt had smelled heavily of pot but what the fuck should you have cared. It interested you that she was the only one that openly defied it. Even the teachers never gave you nasty looks,  as they tended to avoid your red eyed gaze.  You took to sitting right behind her and you would smile to yourself when her shoulders tensed but other than that she gave you no more attention. She didn’t laugh with the others at your antics and she wouldn’t even shoot you strained smiles as was the norm with the people around you. You were simply ignored, and you found yourself all up and burning with intense curiosity. When the teacher had initiated a partner project you quickly invited yourself to be hers. She had sneered and hesitated and you were delighted to see a full on flush as she mumbled about how she didn’t have any friends in the class anyways. What an interesting girl.

                You had spent three weeks on the project and your think-pan couldn’t even remember the last time you had worked so hard for something school related. She had spent the entire time complaining about your smell, the way you talked, and how you didn’t put enough effort in. You giggled aimlessly at her most of the time and her anger would rise bringing out a snippy little vixen. And because you spent a lot of time arguing, the project still needed much doing the night before it was due. She reluctantly came to your house where you lived with your single and mute father, taking ginger steps as you led the way to your room. Jane had been on edge and only loosened up upon seeing your mostly tidy room and aged acoustic guitar. You had reflexively reached for your bowl, wrapped in tinfoil and pre-prepped with some nice green, but she had revolted in disgust shooting the idea down immediately. You spent the rest of the night sober, working wholeheartedly for once, and around midnight you began to pick your guitar humming in a low tone while Jane put in the finishing touches. You remember how she sat there and watched you for the longest time before she let out a stream of questions. They varied to all aspects of your life and by the time it was well into the next morning you had shared things with her you used the weed to forget. When you drove her to school the next morning she surprised you with a bright, genuine smile. That day you forgot to stop behind the bleachers.

                You found yourself spending whatever free time you could with her between school and work and eventually you asked that wicked little miss out. At first she had spluttered but a well placed kiss on her soft pink lips made her so much more eloquent in answering ‘yes’ but she requested that you stay sober, at least in her presence, because she wanted to get to know the you that didn’t hide behind enhanced endorphins. Well you thought that was a mighty fine compromise.


                During your first year of dating the two of you experienced many firsts. First kisses, first dates, first meetings, first makings of love, and first arguments. It had only been a few months into dating when you first brought her to your bed and god was she sweet. Her softened curves felt wonderful and her plump breasts had filled your hands quite nicely. She looked you square in the eye, giving you candy sweet moans as you devoured her. Being one with her was better than any high you had ever had. No other girl would ever compare to your lovely Mary Jane.

                The first time you called her Mary Jane had brought about the first argument. She refused to be nick named after your stupor inducing drug, but in the end you convinced her with whispers of how she was the best Mary Jane you had ever tasted.

                Your first interactions with her best bro Dirk went worse than you would have hoped. Dirk was painfully tense whenever you talked to him and he would spit insults out of nowhere, which did nothing more than upset your Mary Jane. You told him so and tucked her into your side, stroking her thighs as a form of comfort. The stone like boy got up and left, leaving Jane to apologize over and over. You thought nothing of it and assured her that her best bro was just being protective of her. After that Dirk tried to avoid you whenever possible, which was fine with you as long as Jane stayed content. Her parents were another story. They asked you all kinds of questions, giving you objective looks in response to your truthful answers. You could tell Jane had been more nervous than you and at one point she blurted out that she was very serious about you and wouldn’t stand for anymore of their criticism.  She brought you out to the front porch afterwords and kissed you tenderly, looking ashamed. You smiled and ran your hands over her face letting the heat of her blush seep into your fingers. She hadn’t let her parents complaints get to her after that.


                At the end of your first year together you had graduated and brought Jane to a celebratory party. One of only a few times she had seen you faded. Her expression said she disapproved but she let you have your fun. She had found a quiet couch to sit on and you left her alone for what had felt to be a few minutes but by the time you returned for her there was another man trying to get his hands all over what was yours. In a drunk rage you beat the other boy until blood covered your fist and Jane screamed in your ear as she pulled you away. She brought you outside and wasted not a moment in telling you what a stupid prick you were and how she was capable of taking care of the situation and that you had over reacted. Your thoughts back lashed and for the first time you really let her have it asking her who she thought she fucking was and how she was an ungrateful bitch that didn’t deserve you.

                You had expected her to cry or to run but she just gave you a tired look and a sag of her shoulders before taking your keys and telling you that she was bringing you home. The car ride had been silent and sobering. After making sure you were safely in your house she went to leave but you acted fast and pulled her to your room, kissing her and whispering your apologies against frowning lips. It was the first time you truly meant it when you told her you loved her and the sex following had been bitter sweet. Jane was the aggressor that night. She took control, rode you. Normally you would have wanted complete control, to make her squirm under you, but her dominant side turned out to be adorable as fuck so you were happy to sit back and let her use your body. The scratches she left in the throes of passion lasted for weeks.


                You’ve been together for three years now. Your relationship gets rocky at points but it remains a steady constant. You’re a graduate student, working three jobs, trying to support your father and raise money for college all at once but you still find time to go out or cuddle with your precious Mary Jane. Very little of your income goes to supporting your once abusive habit and Jane is there to support you in all decisions you make. Her parents approve of you more than they had in the beginning while Dirk still eludes your presence. What other people think still doesn’t rattle you much and you’re constantly making sure it doesn’t bother Jane either.

                 You wake up with your, much larger in comparison, limbs entangled around her as you do most mornings. You graze your nose against her hair, whiffing in her confectionary-sweet scent. She hums and twitches just as you knew she would and you sit up to cocoon her between your arms. You lean down and kiss her baby soft cheek, sucking in before releasing. You’ve become addicted, you crave her worse than any drug and the only fear you have now is the possibility of going into a withdrawal.

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